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Our new mac app iRemoveDuplicate


I just wanted to tell you a little about our new mac application that takes care of duplicate photos in iPhoto, we call i iRemoveDuplicate (http://iremoveduplicate.com).

We set out to make the simplest, but yet powerful tool to eliminate the annoying problem with duplicate photos in iPhoto. You just have to start the application, it starts iPhoto if not already running and then you just have to click “Start scan”. iRemoveDuplicate scans your whole iPhoto library and using our algorithm to find duplicate photos, you get feedback of the result during the whole process. When the scan is done we also take care of tagging the duplicates so you can find them in iPhoto later or delete all the duplicates right away from the application. iRemoveDuplicate only uses Apple features and APIs so its a safe way to scan and delete, no tampering with the iPhoto file system.

Why is duplicates even a problem? When you import photos to iPhoto, especially from a digital camera, it often imports duplicate copies and with growing storage size of cameras it can be thousands of images at every import, it becomes a real time consumer if you should do it by hand.

We would love to know what you think about our application! You can find our press kit at http://iremoveduplicate.com/iRDPressKit.zip


We also blog about the development at http://iremoveduplicate.com/blog/

Best regards

Devid Lint and the iRemoveDuplicate team

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Adjust brightness on a second monitor from the keyboard

You already know that you can adjust brightness on your primary display by tapping the F1 and F2 keys (the ones with the brightness, or “sun” icons on them). But what if you have two displays connected? Maybe you have a MacBook plugged into a second display, or another monitor on your iMac; whatever. If you do, you may have thought you had to open the System Preferences to get to the brightness control for the second display.

Turns out, you don’t! If you hold down the Control key while tapping the brightness buttons, you can actually change the brightness on the second monitor!

Brightness Control

(This was tested on Mountain Lion — no idea if it works on previous OS’s. Also I don’t know what’ll happen if you have a third display… if you have more than two, test it out and let us know!

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Temporarily bypass app installer security in Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion includes a new security feature where if a developer isn’t “identified” by Apple, by default the OS won’t let you install the app. You can bypass this by changing your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and setting it to allow apps from anywhere, but needless to say that defeats the purpose. Plus if you’re managing a Mac for someone else (personal or professional) you may not want to disable that security permanently.

So to bypass the security on a case-by-case basis, you can simply right-click on the installer and choose Open. This will present the same warning dialog you would have seen before, but now it will have an Open button on it, giving you a “one time” pass to run the installer.

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Pages not loading in Safari on Mountain Lion? Zap PRAM!

Within a couple of weeks of upgrading to Mountain Lion, I noticed that pages in Safari would often get stuck loading. I’d see a progress bar go maybe half-way, see absolutely nothing load on the page, and it’d just hang there. Once I realized I could launch Chrome and load the same URL instantly, I realized this wasn’t an internet problem.

A friend on Facebook suggested zapping the PRAM, which honestly I thought wasn’t even an option anymore on Intel Macs — but I was wrong!

To zap PRAM, you restart while holding down the command-option-P-R keys, and shortly after the “bong!” chime, the Mac will restart and it’ll “bong!” again. Conventional wisdom (ok old school wisdom) was to do this three times in a row before releasing the command-option-P-R keys, but I don’t know if that’s true anymore. Can’t hurt, I figure.

One challenge though is that this gets tricky with Bluetooth keyboards, since they don’t actually connect until the computer has started booting up. According to this Apple support article http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3273 you have to press the keys at the same moment you hear the chime to get it to connect. Sounds tricky. So if you have an older USB keyboard laying around, that may make things easier.

And oh, yes zapping the PRAM does appear to have fixed the problem. In 24 hours I haven’t seen a single page load delay in Safari — woohoo!

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Automatic download on iBookstore

When using the iBookstore app you are able to read content that you have purchased on several devices at once, using sync technology and automatic downloads. This means that whenever you purchase a book on any device, you are effectively buying it for your account rather than one device in particular, so that you can then access it in multiple places at once.

As it is automatic this means you do not have to do anything – whenever you use the iBooks app on any supported Apple device and you log into your account, all of your downloads will be there waiting, so that you can pick up from where you left off and keep on reading.

A note will be made of where you last got to so that you can then easily carry on reading from one device to another, without having to worry about finding your place again. You can also Archive books so that they take up less space and are not immediately accessible on a certain device if you do not want to have a certain file on a particular device, so that you can keep track of what books and files you have on which device.

Tip submitted by Monja from TheMacMania.com

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AutoExposure & AutoFocus Lock (AE/AF) in iOS Camera

You probably already know that you can tap anywhere on your iPhone or iPad camera screen to have the Camera app focus and meter on that point. But did you know that you can actually lock it, too?

Just tap and hold for a second on the spot you want, and the focus square will flash twice then "AE/AF Lock" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Now you can recompose as needed and the camera won’t refocus or re-meter until you tap the screen again.

This can be extremely handy if you’re having a hard time focusing on something small, like a tiny flower or drops of rain on the window. Place something bigger there (like your hand) and AE/AF Lock on that, then shoot away!

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Deleting files, photos from iOS iTunes Sharing

On your iOS device, if you’ve shared photos from iPhoto or iMovie to iTunes (“Share to iTunes”), so that you can access them on your computer, you may be at a loss as to how to delete them.

In iTunes, when viewing a device like your iPad, under the Apps tab, there’s a “File Sharing” section. If you select an app like iPhoto, you’ll see the photos you had previously shared, like this:

Notice that there’s an Add… button and a Save to… button, but no Delete. So how do you get rid of it?

Turns out, all you have to do is select it and tap the Delete key on your keyboard.

Simple, but silly. There clearly should be a delete button here!

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Speedy file selection from within an application

If you are in and app and need to save a file into a folder which may be buried deep down in your hierarchy (e.g. Mac HD/Weddings/ 2010/Europe/Spain/The Jonses/Wedding Ceremony/Black and White) it can be a bit of a pain to drill down in the dialogue box, particularly if you have many folder or files in each level and have to scroll down and search each step.

If you have that destination folder open (Black and White in this case) in the Finder in separate window next to your application dialogue box you can just drag the folder from the Finder window into the app dialogue box and it will just jump all the way to that folder without the need to drill down at all! The same works when importing or selecting a file via a dialogue box. I find it saves me so much time and frustration!

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Software update for Apple TV

You don’t have to buy the new 1080p Apple TV to get the fancy new interface — just run software update! You may have already seen the alert on your TV, but if not, just head into the Settings and check for updates. The new interface is pretty cool!

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iOS 5.1 allows deleting individual photos from Photo Stream

The new iOS 5.1 adds the capability to delete individual photos from your Photo Stream. However if you just update and go, then only photos taken since the 5.1 update will delete across all devices. If you want to truly wipe a photo across your stream from any device, you need to disable Photo Stream, wait for it to clear, then turn it back on. Once photos re-download into iSO 5.1, any one deleted will delete across all devices.